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Human Resources

This page contains advice, tips and resources for managing staff - particularly during the Covid-19 crisis.

The next HR Committee call is April 2 @ 12 noon EST - email Laurie to be added to the list.


From Bill Sims at Salmon Sims Thomas in Dallas, TX:

  1. Using video capabilities when having on-line meetings.  I think it’s a better “connection” when you don’t just hear someone (which is better than just email) but you actually see them as well.
  2. I am requiring my supervisors and managers to talk with their remote staff at least a couple of times per day.  We use Skype for Business so we can see if people are “on” and available. But even beyond that, to check in with them a couple of times or more per day just to make sure they’re not spinning their wheels on something and to otherwise create some accountability when they know their boss is checking on them.